Pipe Penetrations

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Pipe Penetrations that leak through a foundation wall that are usually caused by some sort of pipe going to the outside and leaking all over the floor causing a big mess. This is probably just about the hardest thing to fix on a permanent basis. We have a series of pictures here showing how we like to do it. The way we do it, is a way that actually works and lasts forever. That is a bold statement to make because we have seen other people’s work and we are usually the third one there but the one that fixes it. So take a look at these pictures and you will see what we do pretty much.

This is picture one. As you can see there is a wet stain on the wall running down from the smaller pipe, but the larger pipe also has some moisture around it although it doesn’t show up in this picture too well.

This is picture number two and as you can see we have a hole in the floor and some plastic sheeting on the wall. The sheeting directs any water leakage down into that hole that is connected to the sump pump. In this way it could directed unlimited amount of water to the sump pump for dispersal outside.

In this picture it’s hard to see but there is a crack right in the corner where the two foundation walls meet. So this is a form of basement waterproofing that actually covers all the sins up. Any leaking rod holes or cracks or pipe penetrations would all be covered by this form of workmanship. So you can see that we added another layer of the plastic sheet over the top to extend the range upwards on the foundation wall.

These two pictures are a sort of a recap of the other pictures and a final picture showing the finished product. It looks a lot better than streaks of water running down the wall with mud in it or rust or mold or some other sickening colorful item running down the wall. And since the water can’t get through the plastic it is inert and not subject to mold at all. I almost forgot to write that we did fill in the floor too. We do a lot of these gotten pretty good at it so if you are interested in getting a pipe penetration job done please give us a phone call and will come out and take a look at.

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