Sump Pumps Are Important

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A sump pump is an electric motor made primarily for pumping water; in our case, water that’s underground. A water sump pump consists of a motor and a pump. The entire assembly is sealed against water leakage. There is an electric cable coming out of one end of it and a strainer on the other end. The strainer keeps rocks out of the pump. The manufacturers say that the strainer has holes in it that are the size of pebbles which have no problem going through the pump. The wire is sealed off so that water cannot get in, causing an electric short.

Submersable sump pump comes in either plastic or cast iron casing, and the price for each one is different, with the cast-iron sump pump being the most expensive. The reason a lot of people use the cast-iron one is due to the fact that cast-iron is quieter than plastic. This is especially helpful when a sump pump motor is installed in a basement underneath a bedroom. People can hear that motor switching on and off while trying to sleep.

The standard horsepower for a sump pump is 1/3 hp. One-third hp is adequate to raise water over the top of the basement wall. One-half hp motors are available, but they are very seldom needed. They are used to raise water higher, such as in a basement that is much taller than the usual eight or 9 feet. If there is more water down in the sump pump basin itself then the pump can pump out, it’s really a matter of adding more sump pumps than adding more horsepower. On a job that has a lot of water, we will put in an extra sump and pump to handle the extra water rather than use a ½ hp pump. If we do add a second pump and pot to the waterproofing plan, it would be some distance away from the first one rather than right next to it. We spread these out a little bit to try to make the set-up more efficient.

We at Oakbridge Waterproofing believe in using sump pumps as much is possible to drain water away from a basement foundation to take control of the water.

Basement sump pumps can be used in conjunction with a new set of drain tiles or pipes underground sometimes called a French drain system. A sump pump system can be used by itself to drain water underground in a small area such as under a porch, which may not be draining very well. A Sump pump can be used as a way to guarantee that if there is a flood in the basement, it will not get too bad. A lot of basement floods are just a half-inch of water or so. Just enough to ruin the carpet and any personal items on the floor and perhaps the floor molding. On the other hand, a few floods can actually be quite deep. Be sure your sump pump is running, and your floor drains are not plugged up. I have seen cases where the carpeting itself plugs up the floor drains. I once saw a pile of clothing on top of the sump pump lid. You can save yourself a lot of grief by making sure the sump pump pot is installed all the way down so that the top edge of the pot is even with the top of the concrete floor. I’ve seen a sump pump pit a couple inches above the cement floor, actually blocking water from going into the pot. To fix this, all you have to do is take a hand saw or Sawsall and cut the edge off. Or at least cut off a few inches of it flush with the floor so that any water that may get in the basement will be pumped out of the house.


Top View Of Outside. Very Neat Installation.

These are two pictures of our double sump pump “DEFENSE” back up system. Two Zoeller Cast Iron Super Quiet Pumps. This works in todays situations. Call today for more info.

I want to remind you that water on the basement floor should send up red flags. You need to be extremely careful entering the basement if there is water on the floor. The problem is not the sump pump motor because that motor is sealed. The problem is the outlets on the walls, and wires from lamps and electrical objects on the floor. This is especially bad if you have a finished basement, because you don’t know where the wires are behind the drywall. They could be down lower near the floor in some sort of junction box which could charge the entire floor with voltage. We’ve done a lot finished basements, and we have gotten to the point where we use GFI circuit breakers on the plugs to cut the power off if it detects any moisture, let alone water. If you finish your basement yourself, please use a GFI. A special plug is very inexpensive compared to a life.

We at Oakbridge Waterproofing like to put in sump pumps for the added protection. We usually use the Zoeller Sump Pump brand 1/3 hp cast-iron sump pump. It is a reliable, long-lasting unit and very quiet.

If you’re having a problem with leaks, or would like to see about a sump pump set-up, call us at 586-703-0112. We’ll be happy to show you what system would best serve your waterproofing needs, and we will give you a firm price. When we are done, you will get a warranty / guarantee on our work.

We use Zoeller Sump pumps. They are made in USA. They have a very quiet cast iron case. They have also improved their check valves to be quieter. Zoeller also makes a battery-back up sump pump.


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