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We are a Basement Waterproofing Michigan company. Basement waterproofing is the process by which water is stopped from leaking into a basement through the walls or through the floor of a wet basement. Water can leak into a house from the outside through a basement wall crack or rod hole in the wall. Water can come up through the floor if a sump pump fails, or if the drain tiles around the outside of the basement foundation become plugged. Poor landscaping can change the drainage toward the house instead of away from it. Problems with gutters can result in water pooling around the foundation. A hot water tank could be leaking, or the plumbing under the floor could fail. Occasionally, a pipe in the walls of the house above could develop a leak. I have seen a lot of things cause a basement leak. But whether the water comes through the basement

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wall, up through the floor, or from various plumbing problems, Oakbridge can handle your job. Since Leaky Rod Holes and Foundation wall Cracks can raise the humidity in a basement quite a bit, we recommend fixing these things ASAP. Leaks can get the basement walls wet and the water could evaporate into the air before it ever hits the floor. Don’t forget a basement doesn’t need liquid water to produce mold. Mold in basements can form on cardboard in humidity as low as 38%. That can easily travel to the rest of the house in the heat ducts and up the stairway.

There are rod holes in the basement wall that can leak—we’ve fixed hundreds of them. Rod hole repair is quite inexpensive. We have a separate information page on rod hole repairs at this site; be sure to check it out. If you have water leaking through a crack in the wall, we have an information page on that type of repair also. Concrete block basements have their own different
types of problems, and we can fix those also. You can find a separate page on that subject, too. I suggest that you read all our pages to get an idea what we do.

Our customers come to us from the Internet, referrals, and different advertising venues. They call us because they have heard that we can make their basement water problems go away. We can deal with your problems. You can check out our 100% true Testimonials Page for referrals.

These Are Pictures of a set of rod holes that were leaking and will probably leak in the next rain. The Right one is actually a close up.

Foundation repair work is something that needs to be done and we can handle that too. Small cracks are Okay but what about a crack 1/2 inch wide? You can fit your hand into it. Portions of the foundation sinking? How about bowing in? Give us a call

Some basement flood repair is covered by insurance. If a basement floods and is not addressed in a timely manner, everything in the basement can become moldy. This includes drywall. Mold damage requires removal of all the ruined items to a dumpster. That can include some personal items. The carpet would have to be removed because the padding, which is usually made out of organic rubber, can become moldy. If drywall spends any time being wet it will have to be removed at least 4 feet up to get all the mold that is usually worse on the inside of the wall. Insulation has to be removed also. If this flood is caused by basement wall cracks or a rod hole in the basement wall, and need to be waterproofed, we also do leak repair behind drywall. As we are a full-service remodeling company, working in the area for more than 30 years, we can also do the restoration of the remodeling that was done to the basement including drywall work.

We have years of dealing with any manner of water problems throughout the entire Metropolitan Detroit Michigan area.
We would be happy to be of service to you with whatever you need to have done, We warranty our work. Call us at 586-703-0112. You’ll be glad you did.

Oakbridge Construction Inc is Insured and Licensed. Author: Robert B McGuire