Pay Pal Payment

Pay Pal Credit Card Payment

In order for our customers to be able to pay via credit card we offer the PayPal account. This is not exactly like buying something on-line and using your shopping cart to provide you a list to pay and it is all added up. Most of our customers pay with a check so there is no problem for us or them. If you need a credit card, and that happens sometimes as an emergency that pops up and you want to fix the offending leak before the bank opens.

We give you a quote on your job. You take that over to this page and click the PayPal graphic. Just fill in your name and all the info including the price. You don’t have to join Pay Pal as a member to do this. Hit PAY and the money eventually gets into my account. You are covered.

I like this because I do not have to handle your Credit Card at all. It never leaves your hand. I have been doing Pay Pal since it was invented many years ago. I never had a problem.

Pay Pal Was Invented By Elon Musk

Elon Musk must be pretty smart because he invented PayPal many years ago. He sold it for billions of dollars and used the money to in invent Tesla Motors and SpaceX and Solar City. Plus other things.

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