Sump Pumps Are Important

Sump Pumps Are Important

Oakbridge considers sump pumps for its larger jobs as a real necessity. The more water that is on the floor or leaking in, the more sump pumps are needed. Using a sump pump gives you a choice as to where the exit water will be going. Some places to put water are better than other places. Also, using a sump pump allows you to take the exit water pipe and raise it up to the ceiling. That makes this pipe unable to siphon water that is higher than the dirt outside. This is a big problem when the basement has been waterproofed already by somebody else, and no sump pumps were used. The guys who don’t use sump pumps usually connect the underground drain water to the underground sewers. In this way the water can just flow from one pipe to the next. Unfortunately, the water can just flow from one pipe to the next underground, and then can flow backwards from one pipe to the next also. In other words, the street is flooding from rain, and the street sewers are full of street water, and backing up into the house. This is not part of the waterproofing normal usage.

Sump Pumps Can Prevent Street Floods from Backing up Into the House

This can happen when the drain-pipe water is sent directly to waterproofing pipe. If the waterproofing pipe goes into the sump pumps pit, and the two are not connected, the water cannot intermingle. In other words, water will flood back into the house. If the water includes sewer water, toilet paper and related items will not get stuck in your waterproofing pipes. Waterproofing usually consists of pipes with holes in it for gathering water, and these pipes can become filled with toilet paper and all the holes would get plugged and the whole thing is shot. That’s kind of a rough way to go, if you need your waterproofing later.

If This Happens You Should Have to Break out the Jackhammer

That’s right; you will have to break out your waterproofing to clear those pipes. Along with anything else that’s in the way, like new floor tile, drywall and studs. You can save a couple bucks by not putting a sump pumps in your new waterproofing. But you haven’t been with us when we were working with a totally disgruntled customer of another waterproofer, who usually went out of business, and we got hired to fix that mess. I do strongly suggest that while you’re getting a waterproofing job that is a French drain, please do install sump pumps in order to prevent these problems.

What Else Could You Do as a Preventative Measure As Far As Sump Pumps Go?

Let’s say you live somewhere in the Grosse Pointes or Hazel Park or Warren, for instance, and your house is in wonderful condition. Not leaking anywhere that you can see, and you think you’ll be okay, but you worry about the big floods. That’s simple! Just put in sump pumps. You don’t have to hook it up into any underground pipes just to use it for spillover water. We sink those down about 2 ½ feet and in a hole about 3 feet wide, where we jackhammer the floor out. We put the pot in the floor and fill it with gravel around the outside of the pot and put the cement back in and install the sump pumps motor. That way you are protected from any water on top of the cement floor. You can also squeegee water from all over the basement directly into this outfit and it will pump away automatically. This would definitely keep the damage down to a bare minimum. We do a lot of these sump pumps, and everything we need is in stock.