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This page is mostly pictures. Oakbridge Waterproofing does about 60% of our work in finished basements. That would be a basement that would have a bedroom, a bathroom, maybe a bar–or maybe just one large plain room. These would have stud walls with drywall, molding and doors, and probably a carpet with padding. Sometimes it happens that something starts leaking behind the wall after it was finished off. Water starts running down the concrete wall behind the insulation and studs, and then leaks out into the carpet area. This area of carpet can get kind of squishy with water. Usually it’s quite a while after this starts happening before the home owner notices it and then, even a little bit longer time before they call us. As you can see in the images for this website below, we have to remove the drywall and moldings that are affected. In this case there were rod holes leaking along the top. We removed that drywall to fix the rod holes, and when we did that we found a crack running down vertically behind the exact area where the bar was. This proves my idea that the most difficult area to get at will be the area most likely to leak. This is why I like to encourage people to do a little bit of pre-waterproofing before they install cabinets and such. As far as I know, we are still the only company that does tear-out, repair and rebuild, all in one. In this job, we tore out the drywall and the insulation, removed the cabinets and bar top. We dried up the carpet. We fixed all the leaks, then replaced the drywall, reinstalled the cabinets and countertop, and painted the place in a total of three days, start to finish. We do all this without using any sort of subcontractors, which is a process that slows things down quite a bit. If you check out our testimonials you will see that we have a lot of satisfied customers. With service like this all done in three days, we get compliments like this all the time, and testimonials are still coming in. Please give Oakbridge waterproofing a call if you have a job like this. We like doing work like this because it is very challenging and interesting.

These job photos show one of our more challenging jobs. We came to this job looking for a leak, and had to remove drywall from this finished bar area. We found one leaky rod hole and fixed it, but knew from the condition of the soggy carpet that there had to be more water coming from somewhere.

Further investigation found a crack, and as usual it was in the worse place possible. Right where the bar attaches to the wall which required us to remove it. We injected the crack with foam.

These job pictures show that we ended up doing the rest of the rod holes and the crack got injected with foam. The drywall water damage was replaced and so was the insulation. This is all purely custom work. No one else does this. We reattached the bar and the countertop.

We dried the carpet, Painted the end wall and this is the final result. All done in 2 1/2 days.

We would be happy to be of service to you with whatever you need to have done. We warranty our work. Call us at 586-703-0112. You’ll be glad you did.

Author: Robert B. McGuire