Your Home Insurance Company

Your Own Home Insurance Company

I get a zillion questions about home insurance and whether it covers some of the work that we do. I have to tell everybody that waterproofing is not covered because is considered a maintenance item and if it causes big moldy mess that has to be torn out then you have to take care of it. That is unfortunate. But at least 2 or 3 people a week asked me this question. Meanwhile I’ve been looking around for a new home insurance company for my own home and I did get into asking those questions about the different coverage’s. So I did find one that was a little bit cheaper than the stuff that I already had and so I got to asking him about the 2 things that come up when we are out in the working world and answering questions the best we can.

Where Do I Get A Full Protection Policy

Keep in mind that we are not a home insurance company. I am just repeating what I hear from all my customers. When you’re buying home insurance you have to be used to questions. Do you cover problems caused by water entering the house through a backup of the sanitary sewer or street drain? And you cover any hidden mold that may be throughout all of the framework in the basement or the upper part of the house which would happen because water coming into the house from someplace where it doesn’t belong coming from. In basements for instance, water coming in from the sanitary sewer drain or water coming in from the street storm drain or water coming through the wall or underneath the wall from a waterproofing issue.

What Does Your Home Insurance Company Cover As Far As Water Or Mold Coverage’s

Those are the 3 things you have to straighten out because the home insurance companies are treating all these as a separate thing. Then as far as mold goes you have to ask them questions about if you have coverage for hidden mold in your policies. The price I got was from that outfit that advertises on television called Progressive. I didn’t know this, but they are actually not the home insurance company like they seem to be saying. They are actually a broker and have several home insurance companies that they pass your application onto. So after me asking all these questions they decided to pass my application onto a company that covered hidden mold up to the full value of the house.

This Can Be Really Expensive

This can be expensive because the mold training schools teaching you rip everything out. That means if you got mold in your attic caused by a roof leak or humidity from a furnace duct or dryer vent or just not having enough ventilation. Can you imagine having to tear out all your insulation and all your drywall for the ceiling area all the floor joists and ceiling joists and rafters and roof. That’s like half the house as far as value goes. I also think in Detroit that a lot of these home insurance companies won’t cover houses for mold I don’t think I’ve never had anybody call me from Detroit that was covered for that. I think you could probably get it though, if you shopped around. It is really a bad thing to try to save $50 or $100 on dollars a year on your policy for a repair for something like that could be $50,000. So while you have them on the phone have them actually check the coverage’s on those few things and make sure you got them. Also ask about Sump Pump failure.